Electrical Outlets and Plugs in Mexico

A Comprehensive Guide

Planning your trip to Mexico but feeling unsure about the compatibility of power outlets and whether or not you'll need a power adapter? One of the essential aspects to consider when traveling to a foreign country is understanding its electric outlets and plugs.

After all, you wouldn't want your devices to run out of battery when you need them the most, right?

So, before you embark on your Mexican adventure, let's dive into a comprehensive guide that will help you understand Mexican power outlets and ensure you stay connected throughout your journey.

Electricity in Mexico

Standard Voltage and Frequency

In Mexico, the standard voltage for electrical outlets is 127 volts, with a 60 hertz (Hz) frequency. This voltage differs from other countries, such as Europe, Asia, and Australia. However, Europe also varies in frequency (50Hz).

So, if you are traveling to Mexico from a country with a standard voltage of 110-127 volts, such as the United States, Canada, or most South American countries, in that case, you can use your electric appliances without issues.

However, if you bring appliances from countries like Japan, which operate at 100 volts, you may need to be more cautious or use a voltage converter.

Dual Voltage Appliances

When traveling to Mexico, make sure your electrical devices are compatible with the local voltage of 127 volts. Fortunately, many modern gadgets are designed to be dual voltage, accommodating North American (110-120 volts) and European (220-240 volts) ranges.

To confirm your device is dual voltage, check the label or user manual for a voltage range of 100-240 volts. If it falls within this range, you won't need a voltage converter but might require a plug adapter to fit Mexican outlets.

Voltage Converter Requirement

Furthermore, if you're bringing devices not dual voltage, like certain hair dryers or older electronics, to Mexico, you'll need a voltage converter to use them safely. Choose a converter with a wattage rating higher than your device's requirement to prevent damage.

Types of Electrical Outlets in Mexico

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Do the outlets look different in your country? You'll need a power plug adapter.

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In Mexico, you'll come across two common types of electrical outlets: Type A and Type B. These outlets have different plug configurations, so it's essential to familiarize yourself with them to ensure your devices can be connected properly.

Type A

Type A outlets feature two flat parallel pins. They are similar to the outlets in the United States and Canada. If you're from one of these countries, your devices with Type A plugs will work seamlessly in Mexican outlets without needing a plug adapter.

Type B

Type B outlets in Mexico consist of two flat parallel pins and an additional round grounding prong. While Type A plugs can be inserted into both Type A and Type B outlets — making them a versatile option for US, Canada, and Mexico devices; Type B plugs can only be used in Type B outlets.

So, when traveling to Mexico with devices that utilize Type B plugs, it is advisable to come prepared with a plug adapter that can convert from Type B to Type A.

Electrical Outlets and Plugs in Mexico — FAQs

Are the Electrical Outlets in Mexico the Same as Those in the US?

Yes, generally, Mexico electrical outlets are the same as in the US. Both countries use Type A and Type B outlets, meaning devices with American electric outlet plugs can be used without needing an adapter.

Do I Require a Travel Adapter for Mexico?

If you are from the United States or Canada, you typically won't need a travel adapter for Mexico since the types of outlet plugs at these places are the same.

However, travelers from other countries with different plug configurations will require a travel adapter to fit their devices into Mexico electrical outlets. Check your country here to see if you need a travel adapter.

Do I Need a Voltage Converter when Traveling to Mexico?

The voltage in Mexico is 127 volts, similar to the US and Canada. You won't require a voltage converter if your devices are designed to handle this voltage range (labeled as 100-240 volts on the device or mentioned in the user manual).

However, if your devices are not compatible with this voltage range, it is advisable to use a voltage converter to prevent potential damage or hazards.

Can a Power Adapter Convert the Voltage of a Mexican Power Outlet?

No, a power adapter alone cannot convert the voltage from a Mexican power outlet. Power adapters are designed to adapt the shape and configuration of the plug on your device to fit into different types of outlets. They cannot convert or modify the voltage of the electricity coming from the outlet.

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What Power Plug Types and Electrical Outlets are Utilized in Mexico City?

In Mexico, the power plug types and electrical outlets utilized are Type A and Type B. Type A outlets have two flat parallel pins and are ungrounded. They are suitable for devices with flat pins or those that accept a 2-pin plug.

Type B outlets have two flat parallel pins and an additional grounding pin. They are designed for devices with flat pins or devices that require grounding for safety purposes.

Consider bringing a universal travel adapter while visiting Mexico from a country with a different power plug type. These adapters have multiple plug configurations in one unit, making it easy to adapt to different outlets worldwide.

What Distinguishes a Travel Adapter from a Voltage Converter?

A travel adapter allows you to connect your device's wire electric plug to a foreign outlet by adapting the shape to fit. Its main function is to address the physical compatibility between different plug types.

On the other hand, a voltage converter is designed to change the electrical voltage supplied by the outlet to match the specific voltage requirements of your device. It ensures your device receives the correct voltage to operate safely and effectively.

Can I Connect my Laptop Charger to a Mexican Electrical Outlet?

Before using your laptop charger in Mexico City, ensure its compatibility with the electrical outlets and voltage. Most North American laptop chargers will work fine in Mexico since the voltage and plug types are the same.

However, verify if your charger can handle Mexico's voltage from a different region. Some chargers are dual voltage and adjust automatically, while others may require a voltage converter. To avoid damage, check compatibility and voltage requirements beforehand.

Can I Charge my iPhone, Android phone, or Other Smartphone in Mexico?

Smartphones are generally designed to be dual voltage compatible, meaning they can be charged in Mexico without needing a voltage converter. This is because smartphones are typically designed to work with various voltages, including the standard 127 volts in Mexico City.

However, if your smartphone charger has a different plug type, such as Type C (commonly used in Europe) or Type E (commonly used in France), a plug adapter is your best choice to fit it into the Mexican outlets.

Can I Utilize my Hair Dryer, Hair Straightener, or Curling Iron in Mexico?

If you're traveling to Mexico from the USA or Canada, your hair dryer, hair straightener, or curling iron will work perfectly fine in Mexico without needing a voltage converter. The voltage in Mexico (127 volts) is similar to that found in North America.

However, if you are traveling from a country outside of North America, verifying whether your hair styling equipment is compatible with dual voltage is crucial. Dual voltage tools have the ability to adjust to different voltage requirements automatically.

Utilizing a hairdryer, hair straightener, or curling iron that lacks compatibility with the local voltage could damage the device.

If you are not sure whether you can use your own hair styling equipment in Mexico or not, consider purchasing a travel-specific device that is designed to work with all voltages and frequencies found worldwide.

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Dual voltage travel hair straightener

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Do EU Plugs Work in Mexico?

EU plugs (Type C, Type E, and Type F) are not directly compatible with Mexican outlets as they'd be with electric outlets in Europe. You will need a plug adapter to connect EU plugs to Mexican outlets.

Does Mexico Use Standard North American Voltages?

Yes, Mexico uses standard North American voltages of 127, similar to the US and Canada.


As you plan your trip to Mexico, it's essential to understand the Mexico electrical plugs and outlets in the country to ensure a seamless experience with your electrical devices. Considering the different factors discussed in this guide, you can avoid compatibility issues and ensure your devices' safe and efficient use throughout your Mexican adventure.

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