Ceptics and World Power Plugs announce collaboration

Top of the line adapter and converter manufacturer Ceptics and World Power Plugs are happy to announce their collaboration. Ceptics' mission to connect the world fits perfectly with World Power Plugs' mission to help keep people powered up all over the world.

As of July 2020, World Power Plugs will be referring travellers in need of charging their devices to relevant Ceptics products. World Power Plugs founder Derek Visser:

"Ceptics has an incredible product offering with almost perfect ratings on Amazon. We always aim at offering our users the best fit for their charging needs and Ceptics is without a doubt the number one brand in adapters and voltage converters. We are very happy to partner up with Ceptics."

Initially, the collaboration will start with converters and expand to universal adapters, Israel and Africa adapter sets.

Ceptics adapters and converter